2010 Trendy Hairstyles Natural

The rock star, Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist for the punk rock trio, "Green Day". Billie Joe Armstrong has got music in his genes, his father being a jazz drummer, Billie's passion for music began at a very young age. From mandolin, piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, saxophone and banjo - Billie Joe Armstrong loves to play all and with equal ease.

2010 Trendy  Hairstyles Natural2010 Trendy Hairstyles Natural

Billie Joe Armstrong was born on 17th February, 1972 in Oakland, California, Billie Joe Armstrong is the youngest of the six children. It was at the age of five when Billie recorded his first song titled ‘Look for Love’. Billie was 12 years old when he met Mike Dirnt and both bonded through their love for music. In their early days they were originally into metal music but they soon switched to punk. Billie Joe Armstrong left his education to pursue his love for music. What started as a band called ‘Sweet Children’ today is ‘Green Day.’ Slowly rising to the popularity “Green Day” soon started to rule the hearts of music lovers worldwide. ‘Wake me u when September ends,’ ‘American Idiot’ ‘Bullet in a Bible’ are some of his famous numbers that rocked the nation.
2010 Trendy  Hairstyles NaturalBillie Joe Armstrong Black Hairstyles

The life of Billie Joe Armstrong's has rough patches too. His father dying at a tender age, his mother marrying another man, who he disliked, his arrest for drunken driving have become a part and parcel of his life. But the things that remained unchanged down the years are his association with music that has made him highly popular among his fans and his impeccable hairstyle!

2010 Trendy  Hairstyles NaturalBillie Joe Armstrong Black Hairstyles

2010 Trendy  Hairstyles NaturalBillie Joe Armstrong Black Hairstyles


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